Urban Cosmetics Berlin

Urban Cosmetics Berlin

We at Urban Cosmetics Berlin are a Berlin-based manufactory for niche cosmetics.
In the heart of Kreuzberg we produce nourishing natural cosmetics and baths.

Back to nature – connect with it. That makes sense, especially in the (big) city. We are fans of such beautiful concepts as urban gardening and think that naturalness and freshness should also be top priorities for cosmetics that we absorb through our skin.

Why change what Mother Nature has designed perfectly? The potential of plants is overwhelming. That is why, since 2011, we have been producing our natural cosmetics fresh and in small batches for our customers in our manufactory in Berlin-Kreuzberg with full admiration for the diverse healing and effective power of plants and a thick portion of passion. The natural oils and plant waters we use bundle a maximum of active ingredients, which is why the products of Urban Cosmetics Berlin make do with few ingredients, true to our motto: Give your skin what it really needs.

We attach great importance to sustainability and process organic and, if possible, fair trade certified raw materials from small producers. All ingredients are vegan.

We offer oils and flower waters (hydrosoles) from controlled organic cultivation. Mainly from native plants of Central Europe – vegan and without additives such as mineral oils, silicones, emulsifiers or preservatives.

All our products are freshly handmade. This eliminates the need for prolonged storage. We achieve sustainability and careful use of resources by reducing plastic as much as possible and reduce outer packaging. We also have introduced a bottle deposit system in our store right from the start.


This is our vision. Our natural cosmetics are hand-made from vegan, mostly organic oils and hydrosoles of best quality. They are high in vitamins and provide your skin with everything it needs. We freshly produce with a whole bunch of passion and love in our manufacture in Kreuzberg. Needless to say that all of our products go without mineral oils, synthetics, artificial fragrances and preservatives or any other harmful additives. That’s why our cosmetics are well-tolerated and reduce the risk of allergic reactions.

As we care for the environment, all of our products are bottled in glass and we’re proud of our sustainable deposit system. You get a refund of 1 € for every violet glass you return to our store.

One of the most popular products among our customers is the facial care series. It combines cleansing, moisturizing and oiling in a 3-step care phase. With this layer technique, you can determine the amounts to protect your skin yourself:


Our 3-step UC Face Care Set combines everything your face and décolleté need: thorough cleansing, intensive moisture and nourishing skin protection. You can individually dose the ingredients according to your skin needs. You’ll love it!

UC1 Fine Cleaning Water – mild cleansing fluid with finest organic hydrosoles, natural silver and provitamin B5. Cleanses deep into the pores, nourishes and refreshes.

UC2 Fresh Face Serum – highly effective moisturizing serum with organic aloe vera, organic hydrosoles, hyaluron and natural silver. Firming and cell regenerating moisture booster.

UC3 Gentle Face Oil – highly concentrated raspberry seed face oil with sandalwood, lavender and neroli (organic, n.b.a.). Nourishing protective shield for your skin.

The following applies to all of our products: Only what is written on the front is what is inside. Minimal ingredients combined with the full power of the plant give your skin what it really needs. How much you apply depends not only on the environmental influences (weather, climate …) but also on your needs. You decide individually.

You can find us in the heart of Kreuzberg at Lausitzer Platz 11 in 10997 Berlin.

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