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September 17th, 2015 –  our first day of testing the market. As you know from earlier blog posts, we presented some of our products on the Fair Trade Week at supermarché’s on this day.
We were thrilled to bits after we saw that our products of gel and oil in combination with our hyaluronan supporting teas had such a good feedback. Although ok, in the end our staff seemed a little bit exhausted, but only because the wheat grass press was hot and some customer wanted to have it “stretched” with vodka.

Frisch gepresster Weizengrassaft

But the eye-catcher of the day was our home-grown wheat grass. Freshly squeezed the chlorophyll of the grass beamed in deep green and the intense aroma spread through the store.


The task still is to work on the opening. The other point is to implement all of the products in our own shop. Only a little bit bigger. We are working on it.


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