Hydrolates for Hot Summer Days June 28, 2016 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , ,

Essential oils do mean anything to us, but hardly anyone knows hydrolates (floral waters) originate as the by-product from steam distillation of the essential oils.
The special feature is its gentle effect, making them compatible for babies, pregnant women and seniors.

For hot summer days we have hydrolates from Rose, Hamamelis (witch hazel) and neroli (orange blossom) stock. A tonic of these three, enriched with juniper acts not only cool and refreshing, but also as a morale booster.

Our hydrolates are of high quality and not mixed with ethanol, whereby some companies try to extend the shelf-life.

Tip: Keep them in the refrigerator or make ice cubes of it. That’s really cool – what could be better!

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