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According to researches of the TV broadcaster NDR, the cosmetics industry mixes plastic pellets in exfoliating cremes, shower gels and toothpaste. The rough ingredients are intended to support the cleansing in a positively way.
It’s new to us that the industry is fully aware of using these micro particles.

This method is not only problematic but also extremely inconsiderate and irresponsible: The microplastic goes through the sewage into rivers, lakes and oceans and finally seeps into the groundwater. With that the dangerous infiltration into the food chain starts. Fishes eat these particles on the assumption that it is about plankton and are going to starve because there is no more room for food in the stomach. They also are deposited in the animal tissue. That’s extra hazardous because the plastic attracts toxicities like a magnet. So you can, for example, adhere insecticides which come ultimately through the consumption of fish or drinking water in the human body.

And that is not all. The vast extent plastic waste attains alarming proportions by now. What almost no one knows: the plastic is disposed mainly in the oceans. It is hardly talked about that the global oceans contain giant plastic islands and garbage patches! More than six million tons of plastic are forming floating garbage dumps, sinking down on the seabed or are polluting the coasts. Again, the figures fall apart, some speak of 18.000, others of 46.000 plastic parts that are floating per square kilometer in the global oceans. It is high time to draw attention to this problem. Rethinking is necessary! A rethink is needed! Each of us has the opportunity to reduce its plastic consumption.

Therefore pay attention to the ingredients polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer. Set an example and avoid products with these ingredients!

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