Our new screw press, the “Angel Juicer” is here! September 2, 2015 – Posted in: Blog, Uncategorized

What’s called screw press, looks more like a Harley among juicers: With softly purring 82 rpm the twin rollers create a maximum juice output.
It comes with an air-cooled 3 hp engine which performs a maximum juice output, while softly purring 82 cycles per minute. And that packaged in a precious chrome-plated stainless steel hood.

Screw Press

The Screw Press

Weizengras Ernte

The first harvest


The wheat grass juice








What comes next: besides wheat grass we will press various herbs and flowers for our cosmetics too, but also trying on various fruit-vegetable-wheat drinks. This makes the researchers hearts leap for joy. We are already curious about what you will say to our self-pressed “Pine Needle Foambath”.

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