Paraffinum liquidum – hazardous to your skin? February 15, 2019 – Posted in: Blog – Tags: , ,

Most skin care and cosmetic products contain mineral oils. This includes paraffinum liquidum, which is a petroleum based product.

But paraffin does not provide any nutritional value for the skin. Mineral oil products may make the skin appear to be smooth and soft, but these substances cannot be absorbed by the skin. They are deposited between the cells as unusable materials.

The result is that the skin is closed off, from the inside as well as the outside — it can no longer breathe. Also, paraffin is not easily processed and disposed off by the body. Cells are unable to use it as an energy source. Long term, this may lead to skin impurities, wrinkles, and dryness.

Mineral oils are hidden in the list of ingredients under the following names: mineral oil, petroleum jelly, paraffinum liquidum, paraffinum subliquidum, cera microcristallina, microcrystalline wax, ozokerite, ceresin, or Vaseline.

On the other hand, the formulation of plant-based oils is similar to the skin’s natural layer of protection. These oils are therefore very well tolerated by the skin. Fatty plant-based oils have soothing and protective qualities even without the addition of essential oils. Some have antiseptic effects and support wound healing. Because these substances can be absorbed by cells, they are capable of transporting valuable nutrients to the cell nuclei.

Plant-based oils may be applied topically or ingested. The body is able to metabolize them whether coming from the inside or applied to the outside.

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Source: Wikipedia