UC3 Gentle Face Oil – Organic Face Oil made of raspberries, sandalwood, lavender and neroli, 50ml ,


UC3 Gentle Face Oil – Organic face oil made of raspberry oil with essential sandalwood, lavender and neroli oil – highly concentrated, skin-regenerating, anti-inflammatory, natural light protection

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UC3 Gentle Face Oil is the third stage of the UC face care.

This oil is as light as its fragrance and makes your skin silky smooth without leaving a greasy film.

The lipid layer protects the skin from dehydration and environmental influences and keeps it elastic and resistant. Our face oil resembles the human lipid structure, builds it up and is not too fat.

Raspberry oil is considered the anti-aging oil: polyunsaturated fatty acids, vitamins A and E and particularly the secondary plant substances provide the skin with nutrients. The high levels of linoleic and linolenic acid ensure a wrinkle-free, elastic skin. It helps her to store moisture and has a balancing effect and protects the skin against environmental influences such as UV radiation.

The essential oil sandalwood makes tired skin lively and saves moisture. It helps with acne, skin dander and redness. Emotionally, it has a balancing and strengthening effect.

Lavender as adaptogen and neroli act as a calming, anti-inflammatory and refreshing product and are generally used for skin problems.

The Gentle Face Oil unfolds its effect very well when applied to the still moist skin. We recommend the application after washing or after treatment with a moisturizing fluid. The oil penetrates even deeper into the skin, nutrients and vitamins of the oils easily reach the deeper skin layers.

Special feature:
+ Is often referred to as the “fountain” of the skin
+ Promotes the suppleness / softness of the skin
+ Reduces wrinkling
+ antioxidant
+ skin-regenerating
+ anti-inflammatory
+ High content of polyunsaturated fatty acids (e.g., linoleic acid 39%, linolenic acid 25%, petroselic acid 1%)
+ Rich in antioxidants, vitamin A, B, C, D and E
+ Natural light protection

Note: We do not intentionally apply a sun protection factor as this oil combination should not be used as primary light and sun protection.

+ Special organic raspberry skin oil, cold pressed
+ Essential organic sandalwood, lavender and neroli oil (from steam distillation)
Free of additives or preservatives

To make one liter of this high-quality raspberry oil, you need about 10kg of raspberry kernels from approx. 800kg of raspberries.

Durable from opening:
12 months. We recommend a cool storage. Packing: 50 ml in dispenser, Miron glass




LINALOOL**, FARNESOL**, LIMONENE**, GERANIOL** (** afrom natural essential oil)

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  1. Monika Bauer

    Ich benutze das Öl seit fast einer Woche morgens und abends und bin extrem zufrieden damit. Das Öl zieht super schnell ein, hat einen angenehmen Duft und meine Haut ist bereits viel besser geworden. Vielen Dank Urban Cosmetics Berlin!

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