Berliner Haarwasser, finest hair tonic with caffeine | 50ml , ,

Hair Tonic from pure bio-hydrolates with natural caffeine, alcohol free.
Stimulates the scalp and strengthens the hair.

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Berliner Haarwasser for your hair from pure organic plant hydrolates with natural caffeine – alcohol free.

Boost your scalp with our refreshing, natural vitalizing hair tonic + caffeine. It stimulates the scalp and makes many tired hair roots lively. The result is a strengthening of the hair growth.
Frequently it is believed that hair water reacts with the hair. It looks stronger, shiny, healthier. Reason for this is the actual reaction in the hair root and on the scalp. The so-called hair follicles ensure the necessary vitalization of the hair. The combination with carrot water gives the hair wonderful shine on the top.
Rosemary and bay ensure the natural stimulation and refreshment of the scalp, neroli prevents rapid refatting of the scalp. Our all-connoisseur, the silver water, is also indispensable here. It soothes irritated skin and possible inflamed skin parts.

Strain the hair and spray the liquid directly onto the scalp. If the water is evenly distributed, it is massaged into the scalp with both hands. This is important, because the massage increases the blood flow and the caffeine can penetrate into the hair roots.
The most effective application is for wet and / or washed hair. Thus, more water reaches the scalp and does not get lost over the hair itself.
Should be used daily (mind 1x).

The eight ingredients are:
+ Carrot hydrolate (organic)
+ Bay hydrolate (organic)
+ Neroli hydrolate (organic)
+ Rosemary hydrolate (organic)
+ Colloidal silver (biochemical)
+ Natural Caffeine (from coffee beans)
+ Wheat Protein (organic wheat)
+ Provitamin B5 (D-Panthenol)

No further ingredients. Naturally free of additives or preservatives.

Note: Our hair water strengthens existing and weak hair, but is not a miracle that can reverse dead hair roots or genetically caused hair loss.

Shelf life: 12 months.
Packing: 50 ml in the spray bottle, Miron glass


Daucus carota, Rosmarinus officinalis, Citrus aurantium aur., Argentum colloidale, Laurus nobilis, Coffein extract, Hydolized wheat protein, Provitamin B5


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