UC1 Fine Cleaning Water – Facial Cleansing from organic blossom, coconut and silver, 50ml , ,

UC1 Fine Cleaning Water – cleansing fluid from organic hydrolates and coconut oil, cleans and soothes the skin, 50ml

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UC1 Fine Cleaning Water – the first stage of our facial care.

Even if you think your skin is clean, the mild cleansing agents of our Hydrolates penetrate deep into the pores and remove even so small dust particles.

Hamamelis, Wild Carrot and Rose make their name all honor. They are hydrolates – pure bloom water from water vapor distillation – in their mixture they soften the skin, nourish, anti-inflammatory as well as cell-building and cleansing.

The wash-active coconut oil substances support this effect. Silver water provides the antibacterial protection of the skin as well as the content. Dexpanthenol (Provitamin B5) is anti-inflammatory and provides the skin with nutrients.

Facial cleansing can be applied directly to the skin or to a cotton pad. Use the pad to massage and clean the skin with a gentle circular motion. After cleansing, the skin no longer needs to be washed with water, since the hydrolates are absorbed directly from the skin and thus fully unfold their nourishing effect.

The ingredients are:
+ Bio Hydrolat of Rose
+ Bio Hydrolat of Hamamelis
+ Bio Hydrolat from orange blossoms
+ Coco glucoside (wash-active substance from organic coconut oil
+ Colloidal silver
+ Dexpanthenol (Provitamin B5)

Durable from opening: 8 months. We recommend a cool storage.
Packing: 50 ml in dispenser, Miron glass

UC1 Fine Cleaning Water

Aqua rosa damascena, Aqua hamamelis virginian, Aqua citrus aurantium, Argentum colloidale, Coco Glucosid


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