Silver – Pure Silver Water | 100ML

Natural silver dispersion

Naturally produced, without electrolysis and without addition of silver salts.

Silver ball (silver content > 99.99%) as silver storage in each bottle.

Free of nanosilver.

Skin types: Suitable for all skin types

Size: 100ml

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Silver – finest pure silver water

Besides the ability to bind harmful germs on the skin, the healing effect of silver has been known for centuries. Therefore it is successfully used in the therapy-accompanying care of acne, neurodermatitis and rosacea as well as for impure skin.

Silver is a special form of pure silver water, free of nanosilver.

The silver particles have a surface area of up to 5 square meters per gram of silver. This large surface area allows for safe delivery of silver ions without the need for nanoparticles. The purest medical microsilver we use has an average size of 10 microns. It is therefore 10000 x larger than nanoparticle and thus CANNOT penetrate into the cell nucleus of the skin. Instead, it can perform its function on and between the skin cells.

To keep the silver content stable, we put a small silver sphere (silver content > 99.99%) in each bottle as an additional silver reservoir.

100% Pure Silver Water free from Nanosilver

Packaging: Spray bottle, Miron glass (deposit bottle) in cotton bag

How to use

Spray a few sprays onto the areas of skin to be treated several times a day.


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