Drop Off, Ease Herbal Bath Salts | 500g

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Relaxing coconut & herbs bath salts with lavender, hops and passionflower

Urgently need some downtime after a long, hard day? Here you go! Carefully selected, organically grown herbs and precious essential oils in our Ease bath salts nourish the skin, relax the body and calm your mind and soul.

Himalayan salt for perfect skin care

With nourishing coconut milk

With alkaline baking soda for a healthy pH value

Organic herbs (hop, orange blossom, passionflower, lavender and cornflower) have calming and soporific effects

Elevates the mood with essential orange, ylang ylang and lavandin oil

With handy cotton bag for a clean bath tub

Free of any additives and preservatives


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Drop Off, Ease Herbal Bath Salts

Sometimes you just need some time to unwind. Everyone knows this feeling. For this reason we have created our exclusive ease herbal bath salts. While enjoyable scents enter your nose to calm you down, coconut milk gives your skin a soft touch.

Himalayan salt purifies and provides many essential minerals. Baking soda stands for the detox effect and creates an alkaline pH value of the skin. Hops, passionflower and lavender ease while the pleasant scent of orange, lavender and ylang-ylang creates cheerfulness. Just relax and take it easy.

Our Ease bath salts are filled in decorative cylindrical glasses with a bamboo lid and is the perfect gift to a dear person. It also comes with a cotton bag to be used like a tea bag in which you put the bath salts in order to keep the bathtub clean.

Packaging: 500g in decorative cylindrical glass mit bamboo lid (no-deposit) and cotton bag

How to use

Fill 60 to 80 grams of the bath salts in the provided cotton bag. The water should have a temperature of about 35 to 38 degrees.

Good for about 8 baths.


(*from certified organic farming)

(**natural component of essential waters/oils)


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