“Energie und Gute Laune” (Energy and good mood airspray), 50 ml , ,

A room fragrance blend of warm and delicate fragrant essential oils. Stimulates senses, minds and bodies, at the same time harmonizing.

50 ml, Mironglass

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“Energy and good mood” combines aromas of essential oils that lift the mood and give the soul a positive boost. Furthermore this combination of essential oil can protect you from bacteria and viruses in the air.

Warm components such as Litsea, Lavandin and Amyris provide a harmonious soothing atmosphere, while grapefruit, eucalyptus and juniper give our senses a fresh lightness. Combined with the discreet rose and witch hazel, this mixture is made for a small smile.

Application: Shake before use and spray 2-3 x into the space.

50 ml




Energie und Gute Laune - Desinfizierendes Raumspray

Aqua hamamelis virginiana,
Aqua rosa dmascena,
Aqua Junipperus communis,
Citrus paradisi,
Lavandula hybrida,
Amyris balsamifera,
Eukalyptus citriodora,
Eukalyptus globulus


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