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Urban Cosmetics Berlin

Give your skin

what it really needs.

Urban Cosmetics Berlin

90% Nature + 10% Urban Cosmetics Berlin
= Holistic natural cosmetics

Why only 10% by Urban Cosmetics Berlin? Because plants by themselves bring an overwhelming potential of active ingredients and vitamins. Nevertheless, we give our all to create recipes for holistic skin and hair care from these natural treasures. Without unsettling advertising promises, but always focused on the essentials, what the skin needs.

Back to nature – in connection with it: also in the city.

We are fans of such beautiful concepts as urban gardening. We are convinced of the idea of producing holistic natural cosmetics in an urban environment sustainably and in a fair way with nature and people.

We have great respect and admiration for the diverse healing and effective powers of plants. It is both an incentive and enthusiasm, as it forms the basis of all our products for us. True to our motto.

Give your skin what it really needs.

The following applies to all our products: Only what is written on the front is what is inside. Minimal ingredients, combined with the full power of the plant give your skin what it really needs. How much you apply depends not only on the environmental influences (weather, climate, etc.) but also on your needs. You decide individually.

For the love of the environment, all violet glass bottles that protect our products and make them last longer, are reusable bottles with 1€ deposit that you can redeem in our store.

One of the most popular products among our customers is the facial care series. It combines cleansing, moisturizing and oiling in a 3-step care phase. With this layer technique you can determine yourself the amounts to protect your skin.

You can find our store on the 2nd floor of the

East Side Mall
Tamara-Danz-Straße 11
10243 Berlin

Together with Kryolan and
the Hasso von Hugo Makeup Artist School.

Production and Shipping:
Lausitzer Platz 11
10997 Berlin

… and of course online.