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Urban Cosmetics Berlin


We at UC Berlin are a manufacturer of holistic natural cosmetics. In the heart of Kreuzberg, we produce and offer nourishing natural cosmetics for skin and hair care.

Why change what Mother Nature has designed perfectly?

The potential of plants is overwhelming. Since 2011 we produce our natural cosmetics always fresh and in small batches for our customers in our manufactory in Berlin-Kreuzberg.
Great respect and admiration for the diverse healing and effective powers of plants forms the basis of our products and a large portion of enthusiasm. UC Berlin uses only natural highest quality raw materials, which are carefully produced and naturally contain a variety of natural active ingredients and vitamins. These natural oils and essential water (facial tonics) underline our policy of highly selective ingredients true to our motto:

Give your skin only what it really needs.

Our products have a very high bioavailability and are always freshly handmade in our own factory in Berlin. This eliminates the need for prolonged storage.
We achieve sustainability and careful use of resources by reduction of plastic materials wherever possible. Our products are sold without additional wrappings. A deposit system for the return of the violet glass bottles to our shop is part of our service to customers and sustainability.

UC Berlin products are entirely vegan, free of synthetic additives, mineral oils or preservatives.

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