Bay Laurel Essential Water – Finest organic hydrolate of the bay tree | 100ml


Bay Laurel Essential Water – healthy scalp without dandruff and strengthening hair growth.

In aromatherapy, Bay Laurel Essential Water (bay laurel hydrosol) is considered a good hair tonic, as it can promote hair growth and prevent excessive hair loss.

It is described as astringent and thus can help to grip the hair follicles and roots more tightly, preventing hair loss. Bay Laurel Essential Water moisturizes the scalp, and combined with its antifungal action, can prevent dandruff.

100% pure hydrolate without additives such as alcohol or preservatives.

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Bay Laurel Essential Water – healthy scalp without dandruff and strengthening hair growth.

In aromatherapy, bay laurel leaves are known for their antibacterial and antifungal effects – a natural complex of active ingredients against dandruff. These are caused not only by an oily or dry scalp, but often by a yeast called Pityrosporum ovale. The yeast is part of our skin flora, but if it spreads rapidly on the scalp, it can lead to annoying dandruff, against which shampoos from the pharmacy are usually powerless.

This is where the antifungal effect of bay laurel comes into play, as its anti-fungal action can stop dandruff that has developed. And of course, a healthy scalp is always associated with healthy hair growth. In addition, laurel leaves stimulate blood circulation – the hair follicles can thus be better supplied and grow faster and stronger.

Our organic Bay Laurel Essential Water, or laurel leaf hydrolate, is steam distilled from the fragrant green leaves of the Laurus nobilis tree grown in France. The hydrolate has a warm, bright and subtly spicy green aroma reminiscent of freshly crushed bay leaves. With a range of fragrance, flavor and cosmetic applications, bay laurel has a long history in the herbal, aromatic and spice community.

Emotionally and energetically, our Bay Laurel Essential Water can boost self-confidence and help with mental clarity and focus. This hydrolate is warming, uplifting and invites positive thinking. It is great as a room spray or body spray, wonderful for invigorating and warming.

NOTE: Our range of Essential Water, Hydrolates or Flower Waters are 100% pure and free from preservatives, alcohol and emulsifiers. They are the most original form of hydrolates (obtained by steam distillation of the plant parts): no infusion or blending with extra essential oil.


6 reviews for Bay Laurel Essential Water – Finest organic hydrolate of the bay tree | 100ml

  1. German


    Das Bay Laurel Water ist ein echter Geheimtipp für Haar- und Kopfhautpflege. Es ist super, dass es 100% reines Hydrolat ohne Alkohol oder andere Zusatzstoffe ist. Die Anwendung ist total einfach – einfach morgens und abends auf die Kopfhaut aufsprühen und einmassieren. Es riecht angenehm und die natürlichen Eigenschaften von Lorbeer, wie die Förderung des Haarwachstums und die entzündungshemmende Wirkung. Und meine Haare wirken jetzt voller und glänzender, zumindest kommt es mir so vor 😉

  2. German

    P. Trautmann

    Super Qualität, intensiver Duft, schnelle Lieferung, TOP

  3. German

    Sonja Pfefferle

    Tolles Produkt, ich verwende es nach jeder Haarwäsche! Mein Mann hat seit langem mit trockener und schuppiger Kopfhaut zu kämpfen. Seit er dieses Produkt regelmäßig anwendet, sind die Schuppen und die gereizte Kopfhaut Vergangenheit!

  4. German


    Leide unter juckender Kopfhaut. Bay Laurel hilft mir. Kühlt und duftet auch noch ganz toll

  5. German


    Amazing and intensive scent! l ♥️ it.

  6. German


    Ein wirklich tolles Pflanzenwasser. Ich nutze es für meine Haarpflege. Und der Geruch ist einfach wundershcön. Sehr frisch und doch tiefsinning 😉

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