Essential oils – new in our portfolio April 13, 2022 – Posted in: Blog

Essential Oils – the wind of change is blowing.

The time has come! We are very happy to finally present our new range of essential oils.

It is still a small, but a top  selection of oils that we have selected for you. More will follow!
But from today, look forward to citrusy notes like bergamot and grapefruit, floral scents from ylang ylang and litsea or the woody, sweet representatives of atlas cedar and patchouli.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are the essence of the plant. Their concentrated scent appeals to all our senses. The scent molecules activate directly the limbic system and release messenger substances. They influence our physical as well as psychological reactions.

They are volatile substances in the form of fat-soluble parts that are extracted from leaves, flowers, bark or from roots. Their individual characteristics are isolated by steam distillation in a highly concentrated form. These characteristics find different applications.

What are their positive effects?

As natures natural helpers in forms of different fragrances their applications are almost unlimited. Just a few drops of your favourite fragrance in an oil lamp or on textures can have positive effects your well-being. Aromatherapy is well known for its curative effects essential oils have in the treatment of their clients. On a final note, the fascinating world of perfumes, we all love so much , would not exist without the fascination world of essential oils.

Perfumes – in the triad of chords

With different fragrance components, however, scents can be developed, even composed. It is not without reason that a fragrance mixture is created on the basis of a triad consisting of three levels in the form of the so-called fragrance pyramid.

Pyramid of fragrances


The fine tuning of these three fragrance notes is decisive for the soul of a perfume. Comparable to music, a harmony is composed of fragrances which, and their different ingredients and characteristics, to create a harmonious whole.

The Top Note

The Top Note conveys the very first impression of the fragrance and causes an immediate sensation. Fragrance molecules, the so-called monoterpenes, are very volatile, they evaporate after only a few minutes. Top Notes are citrus scents such as bergamot, verbena, rosemary, myrtle or mandarin.

The Heart Note

The Heart Note as the middle note gives the perfume its characteristic scent. It is sensed as soon as the top note has dissipated. However, its aroma also disappears after a few hours. Typical Heart Notes are camomile, ylang ylang or rose.

The Base Note

The Base Note is in your conscious perception the longest-lasting fragrance, which even intensifies over time. While the Top and Heart Notes have already dissipated, The Base Note determines whether the perfume is ultimately successful. These oils usually have a woody scent, sweet or earthy. In addition to Atlas-cedar and patchouli – musk, sandalwood or vanilla are also well-known.

Aromatherapy – an important field of herbal medicine

Aromatherapy uses the medicinal ingredients of the individual oils for the curative treatment of illnesses, as these can bring about relief from a wide range of complaints. They can react directly to pathogens. To name a few examples:

  • Anti-inflammatory – blue camomile, wintergreen.
  • Pain-relieving – bergamot, cajeput
  • Antiviral – Ravintsara, Eucalyptus
  • Antispasmodic – lavender, lemon balm

At the same time, a positive influence on mental well-being can be proven, as many studies have shown.

In palliative medicine, but also in geriatrics, applications with essential oils are a complement to conventional medicine that should not be underestimated. Even in common psychological stressituation such as sleep disorder, small doses can have a balancing effect.