Hydrolates – “mini shower” in your pants pocket August 17, 2022 – Posted in: Blog, Uncategorized

We all are currently groaning under the scorching heat. The body is longing for cooling.

What is more suitable than a refreshment with hydrolates? Never heard?
Hydrolates or plant waters are “the gentle sisters of the essential oils”. The valuable, water-soluble components of each fragrant- or medicinal plant are obtained by steam distillation. They have a wonderfully gentle aromatherapeutic healing power and are very well suited for the skin care of children and sensitive people.

They can be applied pure as a refreshing tonic and body spray or as a mixture for room fragrances, facial care and tonic.

Especially recommended at this point is our rose water (Rosa damascena) from certified organic cultivation. Due to its firming, harmonizing and nourishing effect rose water is very skin-friendly and very suitable for both youthful and mature skin.

We get it directly from the manufacturer from the Rosental near Kazanlak (Bulgaria). Guaranteed without any additives, absolutely pure and without alcohol. We have convinced ourselves on site of the quality.

Are you curious? We have various pure hydrolates (neroli, witch hazel, rose, lavender, bay laurel), also mixed as a tonic.

Cooling beauty greetings from your UCB team