Vertical gardens – why they are so important July 20, 2020 – Posted in: Blog, Uncategorized

On our last trip to Madrid we visited the Caixa Forum. It reflects what we as “Urban Cosmetics Berlin” imagine what’s life in cities could be: hanging gardens and vertical vegetation.

In the light of increasing sealing, lack of space and deterioration of the city climate, accompanied by a decreasing quality of life in the cities, the vision of returning nature to urban area is the main and challenging future task.


Ferns, mosses and, our special interest, herbs like peppermint, thyme and mallow, which are also available in our natural cosmetics, find their suitable place here.

From the beginning, our dream is to grow our raw materials according to this principle for our cosmetics.
Indeed, after the first euphoria we learned that this is a longer-term vision, but one that we’re believing in and wanting to hold on to.

Let’s proceed …