Equal Pay Day March 7, 2022 – Posted in: Blog


“Fair pay in the digital world of work!”. This is the motto for Equal Pay Day 2022.

The wage gap between women and men in Germany is 19 percent. With this result, Germany still occupies one of the top positions in the EU comparison.

We at Urban Cosmetics Berlin, together with UNDGRETEL and partners, want to empower and support women every day. That’s why the EQUAL PAY DAY is very close to our hearts. After all, we know that it takes a collective shift in thinking to close the gender pay gap. That can only happen if we give the issue of equal opportunity the attention it deserves and all stand up for it together. That’s why we’ve joined UNDGRETEL’s campaign to raise awareness of EQUAL PAY DAY, and with it, the demands for greater equality: #EPD2022.


The first Equal Pay Day in Germany took place on April 15, 2008, at the initiative of Bettina Schleicher of the BPW Network Business and Professional Woman. The Professional Women’s Network thus initially adopted the date set in America for the day of action. In 2009, it was decided to calculate the day on the basis of current figures on the pay gap between women and men. In Germany, the date of Equal Pay Day has been calculated since 2009 according to the following formula: 365 days times the statistically determined current pay gap in percent. This means that Equal Pay Day stands for the day until which women work for free, while men are paid for their work as early as January 1. This year it is March 10th.

So that you too can actively do something good for yourself and others, we have an extra goodie for you today: you save 19% on all our products and we donate exactly this 19%, i.e. the same amount as your discount, to the non-profit organization Toni Garrn Foundation to support women’s rights.

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