Hot tea for hot summer days August 11, 2015 – Posted in: Blog

Hot tea at about 30 degrees in the shade … Are you kidding me? Ok, there’s nothing like cold drinks, but warm teas are better because they keep the body temperature constant. Ice-cold drinks, however cool down the body. The energy that he needs to get the temperature back to 37 degrees, puts him in accordance with the increased sweating.

Of course you can enjoy any type of herbal- or fruit tea. My favourite blend of tea is currently Nana-Mint (so nice refreshing) with Sweet Clover (good for the lymphatic system) and a pinch of Hibiscus Flowers (for tartness). And because of my mood of the day I add some Marigold- and some Lavender flowers for the eyes.
Pour 2 tsp. of Nana-Mint and 1 tsp. of the other herbals (except Lavender, which makes the tea bitter quickly) with 1l boiling water and let the tea brew round about 7 min. The brighter and rough-cut, the better the quality and the freshness. I always obtain my teas at Die kleine Alchimistin.

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